About Us

White Corporate is an award winning interior design company established in Singapore since 2001. The firm has three affiliated companies, White Space Living, Substance Living and White2 Partnership, providing interior design consultation and project management services for residential and commercial projects. As a forward thinking establishment, White Corporate challenges the boundaries of design, conceptualize to provide a new dimension in interior space. We pride ourselves in creating effective design solutions for clients and encourage a focus and positive approach that thorouhly examine clients needs. Our Works have often been featured in local and overseas leading newspapers, magazines and TV media.

The firm is founded and headed by our award-winning design principal, Thomas Tham, who view each interiors project as a signature piece. He would begin with a in depth researched study with this client and explored with timeless design concept which customized to his client needs and taste. He will create a theme concept for the interior; sculpt the space with careful selected material and craftsmanship. He also paid attention to color palette and accessories and must rhyme with the interior.

Today, the firm advocate and lead a committed team of designers with good design practice to benefits the design industry. A vision and mission were created together vow to provide a holistic design services including project construction and management to a diversity of clients from regional countries. We have also been invited to design overseas project in Indonesia and Malaysia. Specifically, a boutique hotel project across Malaysia which was invested and managed by Wah Loon. A 36000sft Office Building for Pudu Citra Shipping Compan and approx. 2 hectar of residential bungalows and a Club house for Pak Ali and Pak Andi Se.

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